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Macy Day

Starting as an intern during the fall semester of 2021, Macy joined the marketing team as our Media Specialist. Working from social media strategy and content, to assisting with event coordination, Macy provides assistance to the marketing department in the necessary areas. She is passionate about displaying our mission in an ethical, truthful, and authentic […]
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Philippe Lazaro

Philippe shares the stories of people living at the forefront of the climate crisis, who are working to transform their ecosystems and communities. He loves emphasizing the human experience, and keeping conversations about the environment centered on the communities most affected by it. Philippe has led storytelling trips to Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Tanzania, South Africa, […]
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Lynne Takahashi Marian

Lynne leads the Plant With Purpose marketing and communications teams, helping us to connect and support our expanding U.S. partner community. She is passionate about sharing the stories of our international partners and helping individuals, organizations, and churches fulfill their vision to positively impact the global issues of poverty and the environment. She has more […]
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Katherine Padgett

Katherine supports the marketing team in executing communications that connect with and inspire our U.S. partners. She is excited about tracking and interpreting marketing communications analytics to ensure the team is effective in reaching our goals and supporting our mission. During her time at Plant With Purpose, Katherine has partnered with other members of the […]
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