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Sustaining Systems/Grants

Ellen Davis

As Development Operations Manager, Ellen is leading a team that supports our Regional Representatives with back-end systems and administration. She creates and implements donor support processes and policies, equipping fundraisers to care for donors and connect them more deeply to the work and mission of Plant With Purpose. Previously, Ellen worked as a Grant Writer […]
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Elena McCollim

Elena delves into the content of our work and crafts it into descriptions to help make a compelling case for why a donor should support us. This entails engaging with some of the most urgent and important issues in international development today: climate change, rural livelihoods, and environmental restoration.  In a previous career doing policy […]
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Heather Miller

As the Director of Development Operations, Heather finds joy in managing an immensely talented team of grant writers and CRM and fundraiser support specialists. She is excited about our scalable, holistic, and faith-based approach and is deeply committed to issues of social justice. Heather brings a unique skillset, combining a background in nonprofit program management […]
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Ari Burcombe

Ari works closely with our development team to analyze data and inform future strategic fundraising decisions. She takes on tasks involving donation management, fundraising data analytics, and connecting donors with our team. Ari is a creative and action-oriented team member who is excited about research, consulting, and the development of our donor partnerships.  Ari graduated […]
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Emily Thome

Emily works to combine data and statistics with partners' stories from the field to create both a realistic and comprehensive narrative of what we are doing around the world. Emily takes on a supportive role on the Grants Team, working diligently through organization and administration. During her time at Point Loma Nazarene University, she dove […]
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