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Dafrozah Samagwa

Dafrozah is responsible for ensuring effective communication between the field operations and the management team. She is passionate about facilitating change within the organization and taking on tasks such as creative program management, problem-solving, monitoring and reporting, and goal setting. Dafrozah is a catalyst for ensuring we achieve our goals of reversing poverty and deforestation, […]
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Tabitha Mkazeni

Through her role, Tabitha provides technical support to farmers through training on sustainable use of agronomic practices. She offers extension support to farmers on the use of agroecology techniques and botanical pesticides to solve problems in the field. Through improving soil, she sees an increase in production and improvement of livelihood. Tabitha has a Bachelor […]
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Richard David Mhina

As Country Director for Tanzania, Richard is responsible for managing our overall operations within Tanzania. He plays a pivotal role in delegating and directing agendas and strategy, setting annual plans, making sure organizational resources are effectively utilized, and communicating with stakeholders. Richard is passionate about helping others improve their lives, and has always been someone […]
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Charles Richard Maika

Charles provides practical knowledge to community members on ecological restoration through tree nursery preparation, management, and tree planting. He is passionate about conserving our surrounding environment through organizing our tree-planting campaigns. By involving the participation of community members and local government leaders, Charles has aided in the planting of over 40,000 trees for each planting […]
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Sinyati Ng'ida

Sinyati is passionate about listening to narrations from our beneficiaries and developing them into success stories. In her role, she provides technical know-how to the immediate team on new projects through recording, editing and producing videos. She is excited about communicating organizational activities which ensure projects are done efficiently. Sinyati’s work often involves influencing communities […]
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