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3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Imagine something that wastes seeds, water, nutrients, financial resources, working hours, soil, and land space, all while generating a large amount of methane. Are you thinking of food waste? If so, you’d be accurate. In fact, the resource exhaustion generated by food waste is responsible for close to ten percent of global emissions. While that’s […]
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Grateful and sustainable: keys to a sustainable holiday

Many people associate Thanksgiving with consuming large amounts of meat, the heaviest travel days of the year, and spending most of the day recovering from overeating by watching sports or TV shows. Nothing about that is very sustainable, yet gratitude and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Being a wise steward of our planet’s resources stems naturally from […]
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Eat more sustainably. Eat every part.

Eating every part of produce items is a valuable habit to help reduce food waste. Just about every person is guilty of it in some way or another; we waste a lot of food. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average household in the United States tosses out about a quarter of all food […]
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