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Three Purpose-Filled Adventures we saw in 2019

It’s been a great year for adventurers seeking to restore the planet while challenging themselves. From paddle boards to bikes to running trails, we saw so many of you in the Plant With Purpose family embark on creative fundraising adventures. All funds raised went towards supporting our mission of restoration. Will Allen and Emily Bark […]
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Cities and trees: What about urban reforestation?

Do trees matter as much in an urban setting? Our planet’s villages need more trees! This simple realization, decades ago, led to Plant With Purpose’s existence and work since. Eight countries and 30 million trees later, we believe in that statement even more. We’ve seen what trees can do! In rural villages, trees help heal […]
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We can reduce water waste

Whether we realize it or not, water plays a major role in our lives. Think about your personal morning routine. Maybe it includes taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or preparing an omelet for breakfast. All of these activities revolve around water. We use water constantly. But are we using our water wisely? By taking […]
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Linking trees, water, and people

Wherever you live, water is vital March 22 is World Water Day, and it’s a great opportunity to take a deeper look at the importance of clean water to people all around the world. If you’ve never had to struggle to access clean water, it can be all too easy to take it for granted. […]
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What would people think of me if they knew I was in an armed group?

Sometimes people go to war. But in some cases, war comes for people. Africa’s Great Lakes Region is no stranger to conflict. Its past few decades have seen attempts at ethnic cleansing, the conscription of child soldiers, and tribes turning against tribes. The natural beauty of the area contrasts alarmingly with moments of brutality. When […]
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Sustainable Agriculture

In 2017, over 39 million people were food insecure, mostly due to environmental damage and natural disasters. Crops, trees, and animals are the top sources of income for rural families that rely on the land for a living. Plant With Purpose sustainable agriculture programs help families living in vulnerable areas improve the quality of their […]
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