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International Programs

Taylore Maxcy

Within the International Programs department, Taylore is a member of the Africa team where she works closely with the Regional Director and our partners in Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Tanzania to provide comprehensive operational support to our programs. As the steward of program data, she is primarily focused on establishing, refining, and maintaining […]
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Annah Amani

Annah serves as a key link between the San Diego office and programs in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, and DR Congo. She is responsible for ensuring excellent communication in both directions in order for priorities to be clear and to maintain genuine partnerships that flourish. Relationally, Annah works with and alongside the Africa Programs Director and […]
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Milmer Martinez Vergara

As the Vice President of International Programs, Milmer works closely with all of our local teams as well as community participants to find solutions to problems including food security and wildlife habitat loss. Milmer is a passionate biologist and has a background in Conservation Genetics, and Behavioral Ecology. He is a key player in facilitating […]
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Jared White

Since 2016, Jared has served as the critical link between our San Diego office and all of our programs in Africa. He is motivated by his faith in Jesus and passionate about working interdependently with our local teams to design a creative yet impactful program and develop a culture of mission and high-impact driven transformational […]
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John Richert

John partners with our Latin America and Caribbean Regional Director as well as country directors in Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic to envision, plan, and achieve our program goals. John works closely with our global partners to creatively design programs, track progress and manage the data that shows the impact of our global work.  […]
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