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Rich McCullen

Rich focuses on building strong, meaningful relationships with donors by recognizing that donors are more than just a source of funding - they are partners in the work. He is excited about getting to know donors on a personal level, understanding their passions and interests, and building trust and rapport.  Rich has extensive experience through […]
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Shawn Welling

Shawn nurtures existing donor relationships and cultivates new ones as we connect donors to the communities we empower. He especially enjoys the opportunity to journey with donors as they envision and live out the work of co-creating healing spaces for the sake of our world. Shawn has assisted in the creation of deep listening spaces […]
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Melissa Johnson

Melissa shares the work and impact of Plant with Purpose with new and longtime supporters. She loves to walk alongside our partners who together are transforming lives, reversing rural poverty, and inspiring hope through our holistic approach. She delights in connecting individuals, families, churches, and foundations with our mission and building and strengthening these special […]
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McKinley Lewandowski

McKinley works in the Denver area as our Regional Representative Associate. She spends her time offering support to the Development Team in every capacity. She is excited to participate in our mission by helping others to see the value in our work and the joy of supporting through giving.  McKinley earned her Undergraduate Degree in […]
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Allie Wilson Plasek

Allie works with our partners by helping match their passions and interests to our holistic approach of caring for our broken world. Whether it be one or a mixture of spiritual renewal, economic empowerment, or environmental restoration, she works with partners as they express what they deeply care about. She is very passionate about regenerative […]
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Doug Satre

Doug represents our work with foundations, businesses and other organizations, by building a support system for our work to thrive. Through building strategic partnerships, his role is pivotal in helping us achieve our goals. Doug is passionate about the challenge to build bridges between our mission and the missions of other organizations, so that we […]
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Christi Huizenga Renaud

Christi leads the marketing and fundraising teams through equally balancing business and mission. This involves raising the support needed to keep our programs running effectively, and speaking boldly about God's love for all people and the world that’s been entrusted to us. Christi is passionate about mobilizing people around a vision, growing a team that […]
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Valerie Foulkes

As Strategic Initiatives Manager, Valerie is pursuing new tree-planting partnerships and exploring the carbon market. As more corporations seek to become net-zero, Valerie is creating opportunities for them to equip our partnering farmers, as they plant trees and restore their watersheds, in an exciting new revenue stream. This will help us grow significantly to achieve […]
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Corbyn Small

As Development Director, Corbyn serves a team of fundraisers as they seek to connect partnering supporters in the U.S. and Canada to partnering families around the world. Corbyn considers it an honor and a privilege to share the stories of farming families who are building new opportunities in their communities and bringing restoration to this […]
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